The Compelling Christ 15- Jesus Demanded Radical Service- Luke 10

December 4, 2018

Luke 10:25-37. After concentrating on the nature of who Jesus is, Luke turns in chapter 10 to the kind of life that Jesus expects his followers to live. And the first of these lessons is deeply transformational.


The Compelling Christ 14- Jesus Identified Himself- Luke 9

November 30, 2018

Who was Jesus? There were lots of opinions going around during his day, but his disciples said it correctly: he was the incarnate Son of God. But what does that mean for us?


The Compelling Christ 13- Jesus Was Powerful- Luke 8

November 19, 2018

Luke 8:22-25. You can't be certain of anything unless you're in possession of the power to make something so. Jesus is compelling for the very reason that is he is all powerful


The Compelling Christ 12- Jesus Told Stories- Luke 8

November 12, 2018

Luke 8:4-18. Luke records the first story Jesus ever told, what we call "parables" as a story that explains HOW we are supposed to hear Jesus' stories. 


The Compelling Christ 10- Jesus Brings A New Outlook On Life- Luke 7

November 9, 2018

Luke 7:1-10. The religious leaders told Jesus that the Centurion was "worthy" to have him heal his servant. But that's not how the Centurion sees himself. What does this have to do with Biblical "faith?" 


The Compelling Christ 11- Jesus Surprises You- Luke 7

November 5, 2018

Luke 7:18-50. Jesus is going to come to you in a form that you don't expect. But when you realize the terms in which he will realize your relationship, you can be deeply encouraged.


The Compelling Christ 09- Jesus Preached a New World Order- Luke 6

October 19, 2018

Luke 6. Luke presents his version of Jesus' famous "Sermon on the Mount." Here we find that Jesus puts a radical new vision of the Christian life before his followers. 


The Compelling Christ 08- Jesus Performed Miracles- Luke 5

October 9, 2018

Without a doubt, the wonder working miracles of Jesus were at the top of the list of why people followed him, right? Actually, it's slightly more complicated than that. 


The Compelling Christ 07- Jesus Was Tempted- Luke 4

October 1, 2018

Jesus battles Satan at the outset of his ministry proving that he is the New and better Adam, surviving temptation where Adam failed. This teaches us how to handle temptation in our lives.


The Compelling Christ 06- Jesus Had History- Luke 3

September 23, 2018

What could a genealogy possible say to us that would establish the compelling nature of Jesus? A lot, actually. Today we look at how Jesus transforms our own broken personal history.